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Nonprofit & Tax-Exempt Organizations

We work with founders and directors of nonprofit organizations to start, build, and protect their mission.

Our team understands the importance of serving the community with purpose. 

Our attorneys have years of experience working with nonprofit and other tax-exempt organizations, ranging from new startups to multi-million dollar foundations.  Navigating a nonprofit does not need to be overwhelming.  We simplify the process and provide turnkey solutions.  If you are a new nonprofit, we will work with you to properly incorporate with the State, prepare your initial paperwork, establish your board of directors, and then file with the IRS for tax-exempt status. 

Below are a few of the questions we will help you answer:

  1. Do I need to setup a Corporation or LLC?
  2. Does my mission qualify for tax-exempt status?
  3. How do I obtain tax-exempt status with the IRS?
  4. What is the difference between a public charity and private foundation?
  5. How many individuals need to be on my Board of Directors?
  6. Can I pay myself a salary?  

Our team will walk you through the process and answer each question along the way. 

Want more information about the steps for starting a Nonprofit Organization?  Please review the following links below for guidance:

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Detailed Guide to Starting a Nonprofit Organization in Virginia | McCormick Law & Consulting

If you are an existing non-profit, we can help you improve your existing structure and ensure you are navigating in the right direction. 

We work with the following types of tax-exempt organizations:

  1. Charitable organizations
  2. Churches and Religious Organizations
  3. Private Foundations
  4. Social Welfare Organizations
  5. Civic Leagues
  6. Social Clubs
  7. Business Leagues

Take a look at a couple of our articles and videos related to establishing and growing your organization:

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